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The future of flooring is here. Our modern, magnetised flooring technology is super-quick to install, replace or redesign; durable and premium; cost-effective and environmentally friendly too.

Our revolutionary approach to commercial flooring draws on over 50 years’ industry expertise and global innovation to lay the foundations for your business success.


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Here are some of our customers who are experiencing the benefits of IOBAC:
  • "I have been involved in retail architecture for nearly 25 years and see your product as a milestone, a revelation and a sound commercial choice."

    Wayne Fisher - Darnton EGS Ltd
  • "An elegantly simple product with so many benefits and positive impacts both for the environment and the economy."

    Dr Deborah Pullen, Director of Modern Built Environment, Knowledge Transfer Network - Ecobuild
  • "3M was one of the first major manufacturers to address environmental issues. The benefits offered by the IOBAC flooring system match our commitment to make life easier and better for people through innovation."

  • "We chose to specify IOBAC as we were looking for a fast, efficient, durable and sustainable way to install the café floor. The entire installation was completed overnight, ensuring sales were not affected."

    Christopher Peers, National Architectural & Specification Manager - ASDA
  • "We regularly welcome sponsors and partners to our headquarters and being able to change the floor surface with the theme of events was very attractive to us. IOBAC provides the flexibility to insert branded tiles as an additional welcome for our guests"

    Nicola Howard - Sahara Force India
  • "Costain is a leading engineering solutions provider, focused on accelerating innovation to the market. We have been collaborating with IOBAC to bring new products to the infrastructure sector that aim to further improve the performance of our customers’ business."

    Tim Embley, Group Innovation & Knowledge Manager - Costain
  • "It is not often I see a new product which I think we should take notice of. As consultants predominantly providing cost advice to our clients, it is incumbent upon us to be aware of new innovations in our industry which may be of benefit to our clients. There are 3 aspects of the IOBAC system which we should give consideration to when talking to our clients: speed of installation and renewal; whole life product impact and potential capital allowances benefits."

    John S. Murray, Main Board Director, Gleeds
  • "I realise that this unique and innovative system is something worthwhile considering for many reasons, mainly reduced downtime and overall cost benefit. I can definitely see the outstanding advantages of this system being of benefit both to our clients and the Hilton Organisation"

    Hilton Global
  • "We’ve been impressed with the speed, versatility and ease of replacement of the Iobac magnetized flooring system. We’re looking forward to introduce this new flooring solution to our retail and restaurant clients since many tend to refresh their facilities on a 5 or 10 year cycle. Additionally, as the paramagnetic resin is water permeable it can be applied to concrete slabs which contain high moisture levels. This is a great solution that can quickly update the look of a space and should become a game-changer in the commercial flooring industry."

    Dan Tessarolo, AIA, LEED AP Chief Operating Officer / Principal
  • "Shremshock works across a multiple of markets including retail design and construction. There is no doubt that the IOBAC system is a unique and innovative product capable of exceeding the needs of our clients. The simplicity, durability, and flexibility is currently unparalleled in the industry and we are pleased to have this item in our palette of flooring solutions."

    Jim Garrison – Project Manager Shremshock