Better for business

Saving you time

Keep your business on track, with super-speedy installation.
  • Our system obviates the need for Moisture Mitigation Layers
  • Reduce your installation time by up to 80%
  • No uplift of the subfloor on second installation
  • No need to apply or remove adhesives
  • Floors can be walked on after just 60 minutes on average
  • Very low maintenance required
  • Replace damaged flooring in seconds
How it works

Saving you money

Protect your bottom line with quick installation, minimal disruption, tax breaks and flexible flooring options.
  • Carry out repairs in seconds minimizing disruption
  • Install flooring on a damp sub-floor without the need for moisture mitigation (up to 98% RH)
  • Resin can be applied to high PH and MVER concrete bases
  • Resin safely encapsulates any existing floor
  • Flooring system can go straight over existing sound, flat floors
  • Get tax relief on removable flooring
How it works

Expanding your opportunities

Replace or redesign your floors more regularly.
  • Easily enhance retail space with Franchise or Promotional areas & directional retailing
  • Change floors instantly, without additional preparation
  • Easily change the floor in a 24 hour store
  • Get access to the global market leaders in flooring design
  • Choose from a wide range of premium finishes to suit your needs
How it works

Technology that transforms Retail & Commercial environments

Our Patented Technology enables the stores of the future, today.
  • IOBAC provides consultation on the complete flooring solution. From floor preparation to maintenance
  • The IOBAC flooring system provides a vapor permeable floor
  • Installs simply & safely to damp substrates up to 98% RH
  • Creating a magnetized floor surface by applying a water vapor permeable liquid coating
  • 100% recyclable, no adhesives are used – so nothing goes to landfill
  • Quick to install, easily interchangeable. Large areas can be changed quickly and easily
  • The ultimate flexible floor solution that allows promotional areas, directional retailing & franchise areas
  • Full manufacturers warranty for peace of mind
How it works

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