Who is it for?

Better for Retail & Commercial Environments

  • Reducing programme and install times
  • Decreasing lifetime costs of the floor
  • Minimising damp subfloor issues (can be applied up to 98% RH)
  • Reduced maintenance budgets in repairing damaged floors
  • Flexibility to remodel, change and enhance your retail environment
  • Coping with floods, spills and general damage
  • Use of the floor to generate advertising revenue
  • Tax savings on removable top floor coverings
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Better for Designers and Architects

  • Innovative flooring technology that saves clients time and money
  • Flexibility of flooring allowing a range of premium designs and rapid change of use
  • Satisfy your customers’ environmental values
  • Reducing programme time
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Better for Contractors

  • IOBAC accredited free training, become an approved IOBAC contractor
  • Only IOBAC approved contractors can apply and buy from IOBAC approved distributors
  • IOBAC specification teams will provide relevant leads
  • Easy to install, improving productivity of your operatives
  • Reduces cost of rectification work
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Better for Suppliers to the System

  • Position yourself with the latest flooring technology to your major retail & commercial customers
  • Contact us to become or find out more about becoming an approved manufacturer
  • Please contact us for information on current approved suppliers to the system
  • If you’re interested in becoming a supplier or distributor to the system please contact us
  • To find out more about our approved suppliers & distributors please contact us
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