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There has to be a better way

IOBAC is built on a simple premise – to find the best solution for commercial flooring. This has been the singular driving force of our Chairman, Derek Smyth, the founder of Europe’s largest flooring contractor.

“After 50 years in the industry, one thing I knew for certain – there had to be a better way.”

– Derek Smyth, chairman, IOBAC

With the assistance of global innovator 3M, we developed a patented, paramagnetic resin that removes the need for traditional adhesives. That’s decades of industry expertise and global innovation distilled down into a durable, flexible and high-tech flooring solution. It’s simple and quick to install, saves you money and is eco-friendly too.

We’re passionate about setting a new benchmark for commercial flooring – making your business better, from the ground up.

How it works


Can be applied to floors up to 98% RH (relative humidity)

Adhesive free and completely recyclable

Average IOBAC Resin drying time


Up to 80% quicker installation time

We’re a solutions-based business.

We work with you, as consultants, alongside approved flooring manufacturers to provide a magnetized and hassle-free floor ready for your business, ensuring your supply chain remains the same.

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IOBAC passes Walgreens test with flying colours. US Pharmaceuticals giant, Walgreens, wanted to see how IOBAC’s magnetized flooring solution compared to traditional methods. The results were compelling.


Supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s, needed a quick way to change store flooring to maximize sales and footfall. IOBAC had the answer.
In both superstore and local format stores, IOBAC was used to fit flooring in a matter of hours, cutting both time and cost out of building budgets.

ASDA (Part of the Walmart Family)

“We chose to specify IOBAC as we were looking for a fast, efficient, durable and sustainable way to install the floor. The entire installation was completed overnight, ensuring sales were not affected.”

Heathrow International Airport

“The IOBAC system is quick and very simple to install, this means that I do not have to take areas out for long periods; something that is very key in a 24/7 operational environment. The installation was painless, I couldn’t fault anything. After 24 months the installation is still as new, there is no sign of wear, movement or lifting. This type of system is the way forward.”

Hilton Group

“I realize that this unique and innovative system is something worthwhile considering for many reasons, mainly reduced downtime and overall cost benefit. I can definitely see the outstanding advantages of this system being of benefit both to our clients and the Hilton Organization”

Sahara Force India

“We regularly welcome sponsors and partners to our headquarters and being able to change the floor surface with the theme of events was very attractive to us. IOBAC provides the flexibility to insert branded tiles as an additional welcome for our guests”


“3M was one of the first major manufacturers to address environmental issues. The benefits offered by the IOBAC flooring system match our commitment to make life easier and better for people through innovation.”

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